Zray X5 (13')

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X- Rider XL: The Most Popular & Versatile ZRAY Board  designed for all larger riders with skill levels.  Whether it’s your first try or you are planning a crazy weekend adventure on the water,  the X5 at 13' long, 36” wide and 6” thick will provide a smooth ride.  Built with Ultimate Agile Light Technology, a 6” drop stitch core and a thermal bonded inner and outer rail layer, the X5’s durable construction can handle a whatever mother nature throws at it.  A soft EVA deck pad adds a level of comfort for your feet and a tail kick at the back of the deck pad will give you extra stability for some power paddles.   Pack your gear using the bungee cords at the front, add a seat using the four dock rings, or add some speed by replacing the easy slide-in single tail fin with an Aquajet (made by ZRAY).

Adjustable Merit Paddle, Removeable Center Fin, Foot Leash, Double Action Pump, Pump Adaptor to Fit Bike Pump, X-Rider Backpack


  • Dimensions: 13' x 36" x 6"
  • Maximum PSI 15
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 485lbs
  • ISUP Weight: 25lbs