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X- Rider XL: The Most Popular & Versatile ZRAY Board  designed for all larger riders with skill levels.  Whether it’s your first try or you are planning a crazy weekend adventure on the water,  the X5 at 13' long, 36” wide and 6” thick will provide a smooth ride.  Built with Ultimate Agile Light Technology, a 6” drop stitch core and a thermal bonded inner and outer rail layer, the X5’s durable construction can handle a whatever mother nature throws at it.  A soft EVA deck pad adds a level of comfort for your feet and a tail kick at the back of the deck pad will give you extra stability for some power paddles.   Pack your gear using the bungee cords at the front, add a seat using the four dock rings, or add some speed by replacing the easy slide-in single tail fin with an Aquajet (made by ZRAY).

Adjustable Merit Paddle, Removeable Center Fin, Foot Leash, Double Action Pump, Pump Adaptor to Fit Bike Pump, X-Rider Backpack


  • Dimensions: 13' x 36" x 6"
  • Maximum PSI 15
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 485lbs
  • ISUP Weight: 25lbs

Customer Reviews

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Peter Becker
Zray X5 potential for tandem and touring paddling

Shore ice and drifting ice on the Yukon River got in the way of demonstrating the X5 as tandem board in exercise and touring mode. The elegant drop-shaped, streamlined X5 design compromise leans not towards surfing but supports paddle speed, unlike other typically boxy looking square-stern tandem boards. Coming up in springtime as soon as the river ice breaks up.

Peter Becker
iSUP innovation with Zray boards as platform

SUP innovation

Bungee Stirrup Float, Zray X5, cold and swift Yukon River

Failsafe and quickly getting back up, close up-dry demo

Bungee Stirrup Float on Zray E9

World premiere, iSUP practical outboard engine mount

Motorized iSUP Zray X5, stable in gusty winter conditions