iSUP Troubleshooting

1. My board pumps up, but as soon as I remove the pump hose, the air all shoots out of the board.

Check to make sure the board valve is in the up position. 


2. My pump is hissing as pressure builds up.

Check the pump hose is not cross-thread where it meets the pump. Disconnect the pump from the board and remove the PSI gauge by unscrewing it from the pump. Wipe it clean and reinstall it. 


3. The hose keeps popping out of the board when I am pumping. 

Check to make sure the hose is all the way into the board. You will need to push down firmly AND turn until the hose locks into place. Sometimes this requires a fair bit of pressure. Make sure you twist the head of the hose and not the hose itself. This can damage the hose. No luck? There might be a little rubber gasket in the bag with the pump. Switch this with the one on the mouthpiece of the pump hose. 


4. My PSI gauge reads zero even though my board is inflated.

It's normal for the gauge to read zero until the board has been inflated to around 50 to 60 strokes past the point where it takes full shape. Still having issues? Disconnect the pump. Unscrew the PSI gauge and blow into it like an old 1980's Nintendo game cartridge to clear any debris. Screw in the PSI gauge and try again. 


5. My boards's valve is hissing. 

Complete the "Valve Tightening" procedure under "Support."


6. My boards's valve is still hissing. 

Complete the "Valve Maintenance" procedure under "Support."


7. The base of my fin won't go into the fin slot. 

Try cleaning it with a little dish soap and fresh water to get any sand or debris from the fin slot. Dry out the fin slot then lubricate the heel of the fin with Vaseline or coconut oil. Do NOT use WD40 or any other solvent. You will also need to push down a little before pushing aft. 


8. I can't figure out how the fin screw works. 

Complete the "Fin Installation" procedure under "Support."


9. My board is losing air slowly and I already checked the valve. 

You might need a patch. If you are already at the beach, put the board in the water while inflated and watch for little bubbles. Flip it over and try the other side. Note that most pin hole punctures occur around the edge of the board. Found it? Complete the "iSUP Patching" procedure under support. 


10. I let my stupid little brother use my board and now my paddle is at the bottom of a lake.

No worries, we sell replacement parts for cheap. Just look under "Accessories."


11. Crap! My problem isn't on this list! 

Text or call customer service at 236-513-9807 or email