Warranty Info

Inflatable SUPs

All new inflatable SUPs purchased from Paddle Gear are covered by warranty. Product registration is not required however proof of purchase is required. 


Inflatable SUP Warranty Coverage:

Inflatable Paddle Boards purchased from Paddle Gear are provided with a warranty against manufacturing defects for one (1) year from the date of purchase. The warranty encompasses inflatable paddle boards that were purchased new from an authorized Naakua Paddle Board Dealer, a Paddle Gear store, or online at Paddlegear.ca or Naakua.com. Warranty coverage is not transferable and as such will only apply to the original purchaser of the paddle board. Proof of purchase must be presented at the time of the warranty claim. This warranty does not cover any damage that may be the result of misuse, unauthorized modifications or repairs, impact accidents, heat exposure, excessive exposure to sunlight, improper handling, improper transport, improper storage, abuse, poor maintenance or care, incorrect set-up, racing, over-inflation, LEAVING A BOARD INFLATED FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME (8 HOURS OR MORE) or use in rental operations. Continuous inflation to the maximum certified pressure (typically 15 PSI) shall void the warranty. Cosmetic flaws do not affect the functionality, structural integrity or performance of the board and are therefore, deemed not applicable. Damage resultant from opening inflatable SUP boxes with a knife or sharp implement will not be covered by this warranty. Inflatable board's valves that need tuning or lubrication are considered basic maintenance and therefore are not covered by this warranty. Inflation of this product with any device other than a standard SUP hand pump or certified electric SUP pump will void this warranty; this includes all electrically or pneumatically operated pumps or compressors and/or compressor adapters. Any leak that is not on a seam, will not be covered by this warranty. Paddle Gear will not honour any warranty claim that, in the company's opinion, appears to be fraudulent. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to inspect the paddle board at the point of sale and satisfy themselves with the condition of the paddle board. A shipping charge to return the board to the manufacturer may be applied to any warranty return and shall be the responsibility of the purchaser. This warranty covers only the paddle board itself and excludes any supplementary products such as fins, paddles, bags, pumps, leashes, and patch kits that may have been included as part of a kit or sold separately. Naakua brand inflatable paddle boards purchased previous to Aug 13, 2021 may qualify for two (2) or (3) year warranties. These warranties are subject to the above qualifications and restrictions. 


Extended 3 Year Warranty Coverage (Optional):

Purchase of the 3 year extended warranty entitles the inflatable paddle board owner to an extension of the above warranty. The warranty is identical to the above. Proof of purchase of the 3 year warranty is required at the time of warranty claim.  


All Other Products

All other products sold in store and online including but not limited to hardboards, kayaks, inflatable kayaks, inflatable boats, paddle board accessories, canoes,  roof racks, inflatable toys, inner tubes, paddles and life jackets are NOT covered by any type of warranty. 



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