Valve Maintenance

Step 1

Deflate board and remove your valve cap. 


Step 2

Open your orange patch kit and take out the valve wrench.

Step 3

Insert the valve wrench into the valve assembly and loosen by turning counter-clockwise.

Warning: Do this while board is deflated! If the board is inflated, the valve assembly will shoot out of the board and cause injury.

Step 4

Remove the valve assembly.


Step 5

Inspect the threading of the valve assembly and the port it screws into. Remove any dirt, sand, or debris and wipe with a clean cloth. Consider wrapping the threading of the valve assembly with teflon tape (plumbers tape). 

Warning: Do NOT use WD40 or any solvent. 

Warning: Do NOT glue the valve assembly back in. 

Step 6

Reinsert the valve assembly, hand tighten, then secure firmly with the valve wrench. Make sure to apply lots of pressure to the head of the wrench while tightening. Tighten as hard as you can. Re-inflate your board and you're good to go!