Used 2022 Naakua iXL (11'6")

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Several available with no patches or leaks. Excellent condition!!! Local pick up only!!

 Here's the product info:

Introducing the brand new 2022 Naakua iXL. This is a large inflatable cruiser designed to perform well under a big payload. Whether you're bringing your canine buddy, kid, camping gear, or just need some extra stability the iXL can handle it. With a max weight of 350 lbs, this board has the utility and stability you need. Accessories include an adjustable paddle, backpack style bag, leash, two-stage pump, fins, and patch kit.


Product Info:

Dimensions: 11’6”x32”x6”
Weight Limit: 350 lbs
Recommend User Weight: 120-330 lbs
Board Weight: 21 lbs
Total Kit Weight: 29 lbs
Construction: High grade Korean drop stitch Nylon with PVC exterior 
PSI: Max 15
Kit includes: iSUP, pump, paddle, bag, fin, leash, patch kit


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Fantastic size for 2 people. I love it.


Paddle came in a broken bag, they said they would send me another and after almost 3 months I’ve never received it and they stop answering my email…

Mr David Rossiter
Naakua iXL (11'6")

I highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a top-notch board. As someone who upgraded from beginner/rental boards, I was blown away by how smoothly it glides through the water while also providing a stable surface. It's the perfect size for me at 6’3 on the lake or sea with gear. My partner uses it for yoga, and it's the perfect size and stability for her practice. The board is wide enough for her to comfortably perform various yoga poses, and she absolutely loves it!

Kishia Gigliotti

Great looking and great quality board! Perfect for me and my kids!! Highly recommend!!!!